Buying a house with a swimming pool can be an expensive operation especially with the increasing costs of water use. Swimming pools suffer from water loss due to pool use and evaporation. Here we provide an infographic to give you tips on how you might go about reducing the loss of water from your pool.

The main points are:

  • Have your pool tested for leaks.
  • Always keep your swimming pool covered when not in use to stop evaporation.
  • Do not over fill as this can cause excessive loss of water when in use, try an automatic filling device.
  • Avoid excessive splashing – not such a fun method.
  • Be careful and prudent with your use of chemicals.
  • Turn off unnecessary fountains or water features.
  • Don’t maintain excessive water temperatures, remember to turn the thermostat down if the swimming pool is not to be used for a while.
  • Keep swimming pool filters clear to reduce excessive back-wash.
  • Use your back-wash water for other purposes.
  • Add pool chemicals at night as the sun quickens its loss.
  • If it is an outdoor swimming pool use screens or plants to reduce evaporation driven by the wind.

Happy Swimming!

Source: via on Pinterest