How it works

  • Who are we? is designed as an online estate agent that specialises in selling homes that have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

  • How do I become a HWSP member?

    In order to take advantage of HouseWithSwimmingPool’s estate agency services simply create an account using the ‘Register’ link above (if you are not already registered and logged in).

    Fill out the online registration form and become a member and HouseWithSwimmingPool will give you 3 free tokens and 1months free XML feed upload, enough for listing three properties for a month each or one property for 3 months or up to 500 properties for one month if you use an XML feed.

  • HWSP tokens and XML feed

    HouseWithSwimmingPool operates both a token system for publishing adverts for homes for sale with swimming pools and an XML listings upload. Once you have created an account it is possible to buy tokens or subscribe to our XML feed upload through PayPal with either your PayPal account or using PayPal’s credit/debit card facilities. A PayPal account is NOT REQUIRED

    One token is equivalent to one months advertising for a house that you wish to sell, the more tokens you buy the cheaper they are!

  • Manage your HWSP account

    You can advertise as many properties for sale with a swimming pool as you like

    The details of each listing for you sale home can be edited by selected the home with a pool from your ‘My Account’ interface. Each characteristic of your homes details can be edited. Upon updating your property’s details the house’s listing will be submitted for review. A new sale home can also be created from the ‘My Account’ page.

  • HWSP social media

    For each property that create will submit comments, tweets and pins via HWSP’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ accounts. We are not just a passive tool to show off your home for sale with pool, HWSP will actively market your sale house with swimming pool via social media.

  • Anymore questions?

    Contact HWSP if you have any more questions.

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Buy Tokens

1 token will pay for 1 month of a property's listing on

Simply enter the number of tokens you wish to buy and submit your request, on which you will be taken to Paypal where you can choose to use your Paypal account or pay by credit or debit card.


XML feed subscription

If you can generate an XML feed that adheres to XML file schema you can have your properties automatically listed on our website.

Simply select the number of months for which you wish to pay for an XML feed to Upon clicking the Buy button you will be taken to Paypal where you can choose to use your Paypal account or pay by credit or debit card, no paypal account is required.