What we do:

We are a property website that has been set up exclusively as a portal for advertising property for sale that have either an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

We are the premier site to use if you wish to advertise your home or if you wish to find a house for sale that has its own swimming pool.

Why bother to wade through endless lists of properties on other sites, trying to get their search function to find only properties with swimming pools when you can come to www.housewithswimmingpool.co.uk and know that each property that you find will have either an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

Sell a house?

Register with HouseWithSwimmingPool and create an account from which you can create property for sale listings.

We use a token system that allows you to determine how long you want your home with a pool to be advertised for sale. Our user interface is simple yet efficient. So whether your a private seller or an estate agency, open an account, there is no limit on how many homes with a pool for sale that you can advertise.

Look for a home?

Simply use our search function located to the right of your screen to search for properties in your area. Click on the properties that interest you and use the contact form to email www.housewithswimmingpool.co.uk and the vendor for more details. This is your chance to find that ideal home with a pool.

Alternatively, why not follow HouseWithSwimmingPool through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google+ and let us bring your ideal property with swimming pool to your direct attention.

What can we do for you?

As well as listing your property for sale with HouseWithSwimmingPool on our estate agents website HouseWithSwimmingPool will also market your home using HouseWithSwimmingPool's social network accounts.

We will promote your home with a pool using Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Google+.

www.HouseWithSwimmingPool.co.uk is a proactive estate agency property selling website. Help us to help you sell your home for sale with an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.

Twitter feeds:

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1 token will pay for 1 month of a property's listing on www.housewithswimmingpool.co.uk

Simply enter the number of tokens you wish to buy and submit your request, on which you will be taken to Paypal where you can choose to use your Paypal account or pay by credit or debit card.


XML feed subscription

If you can generate an XML feed that adheres to www.housewithswimmingpool.co.uk XML file schema you can have your properties automatically listed on our website.

Simply select the number of months for which you wish to pay for an XML feed to www.housewithswimmingpool.co.uk. Upon clicking the Buy button you will be taken to Paypal where you can choose to use your Paypal account or pay by credit or debit card, no paypal account is required.